Chilli oil noodles photography

Turn up the heat in your kitchen.

Drizzle over rice, noodles or the leftover mystery sandwich you found in the fridge. Made with Erjingtiao chillis and Sichuan peppercorns, this is arguably the best thing to ever hit your pantry.

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Chinese street food

For the love of street food.

Wherever we wander, our tastebuds explore cultures through flavours. From one street food stall to the next, every bite has unknowingly been in the name of research. It left our bellies filled but our minds wondering 'how can we transport street food flavours into our kitchens?'.

  • Hugo

    “The flavour in this jar is INSANE. On noodles, in broths, on steaks, in glazes, over steamed vegetables - every time I open the jar I find a new use for it. Incredibly aromatic and the most beautiful kick of heat.”

  • Pascal

    'I'm not exaggerating. This is going to change your life. I eat gulp to literally everything. It's the perfect mix of spice and flavour in a unique way that I've never experienced before. But be aware: It's addictive.'

  • Hana

    'Absolutely delicious! It is beautifully made with so much flavour and goes well with anything. Nicely packaged and comes with a nice and easy recipe to follow - a perfect gift too!'

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