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This is Sichuan street food in a jar. The hustle and bustle, the sweaty upper lip, the fiery aromas and the umami-packed sensations that go with it. Destined to be drizzled over sarnies, stirred through rice or hug the buffalo mozzarella on your pizza.

Erjingtiao chillis are notorious for their complex character. Harvested from the ruby-red fields of Sichuan, they've got a slow-burning heat and a full, well-rounded flavour. Meet the region's best kept secret. Until now.

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190 ml | 100% natural | vegan

No additives. No preservatives. Just the power of nature locked in our signature ruby red oil. Made with Erjingtiao chillis, Sichuan peppercorns and a beautiful bouquet of spices - it’s a half paste, half oil hybrid to culinary happiness. Drizzle it on eggs, stir through rice or top off your oodles of noodles with a fiery kick that’ll send your tastebuds straight to umami heaven.

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Here, the air is filled with the scent of sautéed garlic and the casserole rarely leaves the stove. Ready to tantalise your tastebuds? Here are some recipes that'll get you started.

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