If you're looking for us, try the kitchen. We're like pirates emptying the treasures of our pantry – on a never-ending mission to experiment with ingredients and witness their harmonies come to life.

And for us, Biang Biang noodles were the main event. Picture thick hand-stretched noodles that are garnished with fiery chilli peppers, garlic and spring onions and showered in sizzling oil. Simple ingredients, that when brought together, create a firework of flavours.

There had to be a way to transport that street food essence to our kitchen. And thus, our chilli oil quest began. One year, roughly 137 recipes and more noodle bowls than you can ever imagine later and we managed to capture our street food memories in a jar.

We hope you’ll drizzle it, like us, on everything.

Fiery greetings,
Julius and Stasja